Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Variations on the theme

Perhaps not the first thing that would pop into people's head when they hear that this blog will focus on small wars and big battalions, but Epic is, literally, both. The spin-off of 40k is 6mm and allows you to, I feel, do justice to the massive battles that are a part of the lore.

My Epic collection will be largely representing a White Scars Quick Reaction Force right around the time of the Horus Heresy. Being the White Scars are very inspired by the ancient Mongolians, I get to avoid painting any 6mm figures and concentrate more on the motorized part of the motorized infantry.

9 Rhino APCs with 4 Land Raider tanks are the backbone of the force. I hope to add a few scout bikes for recon and a Vindicator for direct/indirect fire support. In my head, this should be reminiscent of Blitzkrieg/Stryker Combat Teams-a quick moving, largely self sufficient force capable of both reconnaissance by fire and out-and-out assault. 
I think I've given myself a fairly complete little task force, which suits the fluff of the Vth Legion

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